A sophisticated step forward in urban housing.

The Generation House is a sophisticated prefab response to the rise of the 'secondary dwelling unit' or 'coach house' within Ontario.

It is affordable, durable, sustainable, and a beautiful space to live.

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Your Home, Our Community.

The generation house helps to create healthy and sustainable communities.

Multi-generational housing

Community is strengthened when it is filled with people from all walks of ages, demographics, incomes, and skills. Generation Houses might be secondary in size, but they are fully focused on making better neighbourhoods.

sustainable infill

Intensification brings sustainability when it is balanced with positive live style choices.  Building smart, durable homes will make our communities resilient and healthy places.

This includes...


sq.ft. gross floor area

Open concept

220 sq.ft. living and kitchen

1 bed / 1 bath

165 sq.ft. / 110.sq.ft.

11' ceilings

With exposed wood beams


Large regular and clerestorey windows


Optional green energy generation

Why do we call it 'Generation House'?

Housing can act as a powerful generator of value, income, energy, and opportunity.


Generate Value

This smart building system generates considerable value.  Adding a increases property value, creates opportunities for multi-generational living, and provides opportunities for income generation. is
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Durable

Generate Income

Secondary dwelling units provide significant opportunities for income generation.  Rental units, apartments, multi-generational living, short-term sharing and home-based businesses all are made possible through your own provides for
  • Aging parents and adult children.
  • Rental units/AirBNB
  • Home Business

Generate Power

Our units come fully ready for solar power integration.  Harness the power of the sun, and generate electricity for your secondary and primary houses. provides
  • Clean affordable power
  • Infrastructure to sustainable technology
  • Security against rising electricity prices

Generate Solutions

Our cities need solutions.  Generation.House provides solutions for affordable living, housing, shared infrastructure, job creation, and provides a caring support system for our aging population. contributes to
  • Affordable housing stock
  • Job creation
  • Care solutions
  • Non-residential

    Not ready for a whole unit but love the idea of having that little getaway in your rear yard? Buy a slice or two and build a greenhouse, reading room, or art study.
    *Municipal approvals and bylaws apply.

  • cross
    Our smallest full units

    Want something that is dual purpose and blends between your private space and also a small apartment? Minimal on footprint, but maximum on impact? Then get a unit which brings you both options.

  • dwelling
    Move into your new home

    Our largest units provide a significant space for relaxation, privacy, and a luxurious garden setting.

Sophisticated Prefabrication

We're building the future of housing using the future of technology.

virtually immersive spaces

Every building we create is fully and completely created in 3D so we can step into our buildings before you ever do.  Each design is engineered to work with minimal waste and maximum durability.

Controlled environments

Your Generation.House will be rock solid.  We design each component in a controlled environment, crafting each component to be durable and perform to exceed the National and Ontario Building Codes.


A solid base for customization.

Customize your with solar power, quality materials, windows, and layout.  Our modular system allows us to develop endless options for affordable, scalable living.

Our base consists of galvanized / stainless base, SPF framing, engineered roof beams, natural siding and materials, and a highly insulated frame.


Easy to plan.

Our modular prefabrication system will have your secondary dwelling unit assembled rapidly and with the least amount of disruption to yourself and your community.  


Fast to assemble.

We designed this system to fit in most backyards.  It can be transported piece by piece with a crane, a forklift, a tilt truck or boom truck, or on a custom wheelbase to move between narrow spaces.

Plan your Generation.Home

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